Personalizing Bone Health
With 3D Printed Organoids

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Our mission is to help doctors in choosing the most effective treatment for patients with bone diseases. Currently, our main area of development is centered around cancerous bone conditions. Looking ahead, our vision is to set the standard for personalized bone health care, making a significant impact on patient outcomes and treatment advancements in this field.


We recreate the patient`s unique diseased bone condition within in a laboratory setting using mineralized 3D bioprinted bone organoids. By exposing these replicated bone models to various drugs, we aim to assess their reactions and determine the most suitable treatment options, enabling personalized medicine. Additionally, we envision our solution as a powerful tool for drug development, surpassing the limitations of conventional animal and 2D culture models by more accurately reproducing relevant human physiological conditions.

Our solution is currently in a developmental phase at ETH Zürich and may be used only for research purposes.


We believe in the inherent uniqueness of every individual's life. This appreciation for individuality inspires our unwavering commitment to support oncologists in selecting treatments that are specifically tailored to each patient's unique needs and circumstances.

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Our culture is built on the principle that each individual has their own unique strengths that contribute to the greater whole. We empower each person to make decisions and take ownership of their responsibilities. Our actions are always guided by our vision, and we firmly believe that doing right by ourselves also means doing right by our customers.


We built a diverse core team with complimentary skillsets in tissue engineering, biology and business. We are supported by a research grant from Personalized Health and Related Technologies, got early stage funding from Venturekick and benefit from the Initial Start-up Coaching by Innosuisse. At the sitem-insel, we continue to develop our skills in translational medicine and biomedical entrepreneurship.

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Gian Nutal Schädli

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