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to restore bone health

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We empower clinicians and researchers with personalized diagnostic technologies to identify and develop the most effective drugs for treating patients with bone diseases. We strive to disrupt the one-size-fits-all approach in drug treatment. Hence, every patient shall receive a treatment that has proven efficacy for their specific disease. Our vision is to enable personalized medicine to restore bone health.


We provide a service platform for rapid efficacy testing of drugs on highly mineralized 3D-bioprinted bone organoids in a time-efficient and safe in vitro environment by combining clinical biomarkers, genomics and machine learning. With our proprietary technology, we create a series of miniature diseased bones, or cancer models, from patient derived cells. Thus, we connect the patient and their physician, with clinical researchers and pharma. Together we find the most effective treatment that is personalized to each patient with a bone tumor, a rare bone disease or osteoporosis.


Every person is unique and faces their own challenges. We respect and support the uniqueness of each individual life. Therefore, we challenge the status quo of one-size-fits-all approach for drug therapies and strive to enable personalized medicine.

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We foster a culture where every individual does what they do best as part of a whole. Each person is empowered to make decisions and carry responsibilities. We act with the goal of moving closer to our vision and firmly believe that doing well for ourselves means doing well for our customers.


We built a diverse core team with complimentary skillsets in biomechanical engineering, molecular biology, automation, clinical expertise and medtech business experience. Our technology platform is in development at ETH Zurich as a translational project. We are supported by a research grant from Personalized Health and Related Technologies and got early stage funding from Venturekick. At the sitem-insel school, we continue to develop our skills in translational medicine and biomedical entrepreneurship.

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